This podcast is a platform for artists to voice their opinions and thoughts on all aspects of art and the music industry.  Firepit Friday is meant to be a creative melting pot offering tips, tricks and experiences for your listening enjoyment.

Our Staff:


Colleen “CC” Curtis

Writer & Vocalist for Nashville based Europop group Entropy64.  
has production credits with Universal Pictures, NBC, Reel Fire Films, OFF TV Prod. and VeggieTales.  CC is a commercial photographer and music supervisor & social media strategist.

Sean Curtis

Sean is Firepit Friday’s correspondent on the street covering many of the interviews at local live venues.
Click on Sean’s photo to check him out as a VJ for the IAMTV network.
He can be seen in over 70 million homes on Direct TV, Dish and Comcast Networks.


Jim Stelluto

Jim is Firepit Friday’s DP, editor, graphics and audio engineer.